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We believe in transparency and wanted to be sure that you understand that there are some products and links on this page and our blog that we will earn an affiliate commission for, if you decide to make a purchase. While we get some monetary benefit from this, our goal is to educate people like yourself who visit our site so that you have access to learning new skills that can assist in your endeavors. We believe you too should utilize this knowledge for profit unless you are strictly a charity.

It would be close to impossible for us to disclaim every product and program so we operate under the premise that it can be assumed if you are following a link from this page to a product or service it is an affiliate link which we will be compensated for. Considering it is 2021 and there are a multitude of products and services promoted online we want to assure you that we only promote what we use, stand behind and/or truly believe will benefit your pursuit.

Please note that while we receive a small commission for sharing this information we stand behind we do not receive any products or services in exchange for this. It is solely a commission of affiliate marketing. (We too have spent our money on these same things!)

If you have any questions about this disclaimer feel free to use the contact button on the page below!

To Experience and Creation!

Michael & Makaela

[email protected]

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